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Articles » Fargo DTC1000 Driver & Firmware

Fargo DTC1000 Driver & Firmware

Here are the most updated Fargo DTC1000 driver and firmware updates.  Updating your DTC1000 can increase print speed and quality while eliminating common printing issues associated with outdated firmware.

Fargo DTC1000 Printer Driver Version

Fargo DTC1000 Firmware Update Instructions

Fargo firmware updates are done through the Fargo Workbench Utility.  Below are the instructions on how to update the firmware through the Fargo Workbench for the DTC1000 card printer.

Fargo DTC1000 Firmware Version

Fargo DTC100 User Guide

All Fargo Drivers & Firmware


Go ahead and contact us with questions about the Fargo DTC1000 printer driver or firmware updates.  Need Supplies for your Fargo DTC1000 Printer? Check out this awesome Supply Finder it will get you to exactly what you need!

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